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Harriett needs to be positioned in a “nest” to sleep.
Make sure she alternates which side she is placed on to sleep.
Position a sausage shape between Harriett’s legs and along her back and place a teddy bear between her arms.


Position Harriett on your knee with her legs bent up. For short periods try to keep her head in the middle  then help her to move her head to look side to side by alternately raising and lowering your legs.

Hold her arms out straight and gently pull them alternately to loosen the shoulders. Try to move down the arms to her hands to stretch her fingers out too. Play with Harriett’s hands together


Loosen Harriett’s legs by gently moving them alternately up and down and apart.
Then try stretching her legs upwards towards her with her legs straighter. Always be very gentle and use gentle alternating movements




For short periods see if Harriett can cope with gently being moved into a more curled up position with her head in the middle. Cup your hands behind her head and rock her gently to and fro





Position Harriett across your lap with the leg nearest her head higher up than the other leg.
Keep both of her arms forwards and use your arm to support her head.
Rotate her upper body very gently and slowly by moving her top arm alternately to and fro